When Lisa Frank first founded Lisa Frank, Inc. in 1979, she was working out of a guesthouse behind where she lived. In the last 20 years the company has grown rapidly occupying three other facilities before moving in at 6760 S. Lisa Frank Ave. (Yes, believe it or not we have our own street name, is that COOL or what?) Realizing that the business would be a success, Lisa moved the company from her guesthouse into the 18th Street office, occupying one suite. In three years the company had expanded to four suites and had basically outgrown the 18th Street location.

In 1984 the creative team and art department was moved to an old Spanish Mission home at 620 N. 6th Avenue. The manufacturing and accounting department remained at the 18th Street office. The new office had recently been renovated and the 3500 square feet gave the space to establish the creative process.

The company was growing rapidly and needed additional space to expand. So in July of 1989 we moved into the facility at 2801 N. Flowing Wells. Initially, we started with 12,787 square feet but in a year we added 18,500 square feet of warehouse space. The company continued to grow and in January of 1991 another 20,000 square feet was added. Three months after that we added 17,500 square feet giving us a total of 88,750 square feet.

At the beginning of 1998 we managed to move the entire company, which includes the art studio, production and distribution center, into our new building! The new place is right here in Tucson, Arizona. You can't miss it! It has got to be the only building in town with bright hearts, stars and music notes all over the side of it! And of course it's totally state-of-the-art. A whopping 320,000 square feet (quite a difference compared to our old building which was only 88,750 square feet). We've even been working on an Entertainment Complex- "The Fantastic World of Lisa Frank", where all you Lisa Frank fans and club members can come and visit!...Cool huh?

...and, as they say, the rest is history!

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