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There is quite an involved process to get from concept to character designs you see at Lisa Frank. Read how designers create concepts of Lisa's ideas!

Check out this edition of the Lisa Frank Chronicles...Read about Emmy's adventures at Mustang Camp!

Lisa Frank's beautiful rose garden inspires her to create fantastic works of art! Read how roses have inspired artists, poets & writers for centuries. Also find out what your favorite rose color means!

Think you already know the surfing slang? Come see if you have the blab for the beach!

What is a girl to do? Exercise!...Eat healthy!...Try new things!...Diversify!...Come on and read more!

Check out the characters!

Do you like making new friends? A good friend is an important part of life and can last a lifetime. Here are some great tips on keeping your friends. Check it out!
More Chronicles! Come read how Candy misses her best friend and ends up dicovering new friends in"'Let Friendship Ring" Click Here!!

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