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Product development is a part of the art department that gets to have some real hands-on fun! Lisa finds inspiration for new products in lots of different, fun ways. Whenever she goes traveling, shopping or in her readings, she keeps her eyes and ears open for exciting new ideas! Then, the designers set about creating concepts and samples of Lisa's ideas. If it’s an idea for an activity, let’s say candle making, then the designer gets to play around and experiment with making candles to come up with the most fun and unique ways of doing it! Of course, it’s not all fun and games.
A lot of work goes into developing products. That takes patience and brainpower! But remember, nothing worth achieving is ever easy. We also love seeing all the drawings you send in to us. They are awesome so keep them coming. At Lisa Frank, we love to make the kind of stuff you love!

Art In Progress

Some of Lisa Frank’s very talented artists have been working on some cool new designs. There’s quite an involved process to get from concept to the character designs you see on the Lisa Frank products. First, conceptual designers draw up "comp designs"
(marker renderings) based on research and talking to girls to see what kinds of things they would like to see. These "comps" are then tested over a long period of time. The designs that test well go to illustrators, who take the concept designs and draw them so they are perfect, making changes and adding detail. When the drawings are perfect, they go to the computer artists where they are painted on the computer. The painting takes a long, long time. But it's definitely worth all the effort when you look at the results in the spectacular Lisa Frank artwork! Look for the newest Lisa Frank designs!
Building a Dream

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